How To Get Free 50GB Dropbox Storage On Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

If you bought new Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4 smartphone then you are lucky to get 50GB free cloud storage from Dropbox for next 2 years. Isn’t it cool and money back scheme, because if you buy 50GB space from Dropbox then they will charge you $50 for one year, it means with this offer you can save your $100. Some people don’t know how to get it, and if you are one of them then I will tell you how to get remaining storage on your smartphone.

20130601 093555 How To Get Free 50GB Dropbox Storage On Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S4

First create your account with Dropbox from your computer or direct from app. Sign up with your email ID and password. After creating your account, they will provide you free 2GB space for one year. Then go to your S3 or S4 device and open app, Sign In there with your Dropbox email ID and password and you will see 2GB storage on your account.

To get remaining 48GB on your Dropbox account, open with your account ID from your computer. You will see different steps are there which you need to complete to get your remaining storage. The steps to get free storage are below.

1. Take the Dropbox tour.

2. Install Dropbox on your computer.

3. Put files in your Dropbox folder.

4. Install Dropbox on other computers you use.

5. Share a folder with friends or colleagues.

6. Invite some friends to join Dropbox.

7. Install Dropbox on your mobile device.

Complete any five steps from above and you will get your remaining 48GB storage space on your account. Note that To complete these steps you need computer, steps will not be complete from any mobile devices and it will not work. If you haven’t your own computer then do it from your friend’s computer and complete any five steps.

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